Sexy Photos, Pink Blazer, and Dr. Martens Boots: boudoir photographer Lucy Stange

She walked in with a strong breeze of confidence, shoulders back, striking beautiful eyes, blonde hair with a shave on one side (such a rock star), in black
Dr. Martens boots, black skinny styled pants, and a soft pink colored blazer. I thought, “Dang woman, who are you?”

“Hi, I’m Lucy,” she said with a warm and welcoming smile as she reached out to shake my hand.
Within minutes we were off chatting like old friends. Lucy is a boudoir photographer, cheerleader for women empowerment, and entrepreneur. Her goal is simple: to help women feel empowered, bold and confident, to help you live the life you truly desire.

Lucy Stange in her new studio space.

We discussed the topic of women and self-image challenges, and how boudoir photography can help women see themselves in a different light. Let’s
be real – if you’re a woman, then you’ve most likely experienced the negative thought train running through your head as you look in the mirror or when you peer at photos of yourself.
Lucy responded passionately,
“Let me photograph you and show you how great you are, how great your life really is.”

Stepping in front of a lens of any photographer can feel intimidating, and to step in front of a photographer in lingerie, um… that takes some serious bravery. Lucy makes it easier, because she’s all about helping people summon
their own inner confidence. “Go and be you, fully approach life with who you truly are.”

She’s now taking her cheerleading to a new level, with creating connection events. Lucy described it as events for being present, authentic, and simply put – connecting with one another. This sounds refreshing! She’s also consulting and coaching.
“Get to know yourself, and stand up for yourself, then get the life you want.”

IMG_7735 edit medium

Check out her site for more info:

Instagram: @lucy_stange

Text: 612-619-5961


All photos by: @terriadventures


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