Can You Pull It Off

Learning how to adult, what can I say, it’s not an easy task. There are the bills, work responsibilities, relationships, and let’s not forget – personal development. If you haven’t watched Tracee Ellis Ross’s speech for Glamour (2017), then you must see it! Every single woman needs to watch this speech about owning your own life, “My life is mine.”

Live your life for yourself, not because you’re expected to live a certain way. Your life is yours…

Your sensuality doesn’t belong to your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, or friends. It doesn’t belong to your parents, or your church, it belongs to you. You belong to you.

I wrote this poem about taking off the mask and discovering my own beauty, sensuality, and fear. And I created the visual artwork, too. Perhaps another step in taking off a mask I’ve been socialized to wear.

So bring it, arrive, find it, show it, life is short beautiful friend… don’t hide. #liveauthentic

Here is the link for Tracee’s speech for Glamour:

Love and hugs to you! Until next time, xo.

My Little Corner

Dear friend,

Life is too short, days go by, and we have dreams unrealized. This is my little dream… my pixel filled corner of the world where I’m sharing what’s in my heart, in my brain, and in my eyes. Mainly beautiful things – which includes much more than happiness (future post coming). Reflecting, pondering, wandering….

I hope you enjoy the art work I create and share with you.

Thank you for visiting!

Love and hugs to you,

Terri Meldahl